These photos were taken in Mali on a musical collaboration initiated by London based youth organisation ‘Bigga Fish’. The project ‘Routes to Roots’ took five young London singers and rappers to work with five African musicians in Bamako, Mali.

The participating artists were: Bashy, Akala, Kele Le Roc, Durrty Goodz and Lady Lykez (all UK), Zwai Bala (South Africa), Wanlov (Ghana), Wali Cham (Gineau), Koji (Mali)

Routes to Roots

Akala and Durrty Goodz with a street trader
Wali Cham
Wanlov teaching Lady Lykez
Akala, Kele Le Roc and Zwai Bala freestyling
Wanlov and Silverstone (Uk producer/ Dj) being interviewed in Bamako radio station.
Alaka and Koji
Street Party DJ
Silvastone, Wali Cham and Zwai Bala
Lady Lykez
Bashy, Lady Lykes, Durrty Goodz and Akala
Durrty Goodz
Bigga Fish perform at Bamako National Museum
Lady Lykez and Durrty Goodz
Zwai Bala and Akala
Trevor the cameraman
Kele Le Roc
Durrty Goodz