A selection of portraits. Some were commissioned, some are from personal projects and some just occurred.


Publicity shot for Distance Festival
Wahida at home, Arusha Tanzania. From Love in Translation
Matthew Bourne, Pianist & composer. Shot for The London Sinfonietta
Juma and Shaz at home in Jinga, Uganda. From Love in Translation
Peter Kamu, student at Shair hairdresser training school. Nairobi, Kenya.
Gerry, Train Driver at Buckfastleigh Station. Devon, UK.
Souleymane Koanda photographed for The Photographers Gallery 'World in London' project.
Greg, Greg, Gary, Zeck and Nick at The Stoke Newington International Airport.
Steve at home in The Old Boys Club in Dalston. London.
Kids at the pool. Bamako, Mali.
Gillian at home in Haggerston Estate, London.
Monty Goldman, at home in Manor House, London.
Koji, Malian rapper. Kati, Mali.
Mami Toure, Mali's female Basketball champion. Bamako, Mali.
Tumaini and Karl at home in Arusha, Tanzania.
Scroobious Pip at Tongue Fu performance. Shot for The BBC.
Mo at Ralph's house in Mombasa, Kenya.
Steve at home in The Old Boys Club in Dalston. London.
Kae Tempest (formerly Kate), Poet. Shot at The Albany for the BBC.
Charlotte Player, Photographer. Shot for Oodee publishing