A selection of photographs and videos created forĀ artists, theatre groups, venues and festivals.


Dominic Johnson performing Human Salvage at Fierce Festival
Greenwhich and Docklands festival
Punch Drunk promotional shoot for Greenwhich and Docklands festival
Eitan Buchalter's workshop on public intervention, Fierce Festival
Leo Hedman performing in Dominic Johnson's Departure
Lundahl & Seitl Symphony of a Missing Room at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Sheila Ghelani Rat, Rose, Bird, Fierce Festival
Sheila Ghelani Rat, Rose, Bird, at MAC Birmingham
Andy Field's David Lynch All-nighter at Battersea Arts Centre
Sheila Ghelani Covet Me, Care for Me
Kira O'Reilly performing at Fierce Festival
Distance Festival at Stoke Newington Airport
Action Hero Frontman, Fierce Festival
The Office of Correspondents promotional shoot
Jonas dancing at The National Theatre, Kampala Uganda
Le fin