Between Beliefs is a short documentary film capturing conversations between religious ‘believers’ and ‘unbelievers’ in the UK. By revealing the personal perspectives of people who navigate differing beliefs within their own families, the film offers insights into rigorously examined experiences of unbelief. Their nuanced relationships are built on compromise and self-reflection.

Click image below to watch 5 min teaser.

The film was commissioned by Understanding Unbelief; a major research programme, led by University of Kent and funded by John Templeton Foundation. Understanding Unbelief aims to advance the scientific understanding of atheism and other diverse forms of so-called ‘unbelief’ around the world. The film was directed by Briony Campbell and produced in collaboration with Banyak films

Between Beliefs

Between Beliefs documentary teaser. Collaboration with the Understanding Unbelief study. Produced with Banyak films.