Current project. Work in progress webpage.

Flow Unlocked seeks to highlight the importance of relationships to autistic people and to rewrite the damaging stereotypes that exist about their lives. We are a collaborative group of three; Georgia Pavlopoulou, UCL Psychologist, autism researcher & neurodiversity advocate; Jon Adams, neurodivergent artist, polymath, Synaesthete and mental health Champion and myself. We are also investigating the questions of co-authorship and representation inherent to our process.

Flow Unlocked is supported by UCL Culture’s Trellis programme.

In Autumn 2020 we invited autistic East Londoners to join creative writing workshops. As a group we built a safe space to share perspectives and ideas on relationships, and the effects of lockdown. Briony and Jon are now in the process of making visual works inspired by participant’s writings. These works will be developed and honed in response to regular feedback from our workshop participants. We aim to create honest and compelling art inspired by the ways in which autistic people relate to the communities and environments around them, and to question the issues of representing another’s narrative through art. The project will be shared in a public installation in East London in April 2021. Check my SM for dates tbc.

Flow Unlocked